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"Watercolor has been especially liberating", says Melanie Stoltz Brown. "Because the watercolor is an active fluid medium, it allows me to more accurately express the action and life of the subject., Horses and art both came into Melanie's life at an early age. She started riding neighbors' ponies, then convinced her parents to buy her a horse.
Also interested in animal biology, an avid reader of horse books, young Melanie told her folks: "You know you cannot have just one horse, because they are herd animals!" With this persuasive argument, she soon had three horses. Her art began to reflect the forms she saw around her in her home state of Missouri. Realistic renditions of horses, pets, and wildlife attracted the attention of teachers and classmates.
Her first art award came in fourth grade, and she earned accolades in high school and in regional shows with figures and portraits. Her fascination led her into animal health. Earning a BS degree in biology, she pursued a successful career in science, but continued her art as a hobby, selling commissioned works. To balance her scientific side and satisfy a need to express her appreciation of animals, she participated in art classes, workshops, and self-study to enhance her natural gift. Artistically recreating the natural beauty and power of horses and the spirit of the equestrian life is her most fulfilling work. Her paintings capture the horse's personality and elegance.
With stong backgrounds in drawing and biology, Melanie shows a strong sense of proportion and anatomical accuracy in her work. She has also studied and practiced dressage and jumping, and enjoys a growing partnership with her Haflingers using Natural Horsemanship. In earlier years she rode gymkhana events such as pole bending and barrel racing.
She lived in the Pacific Northwest for about 4 years where she started her professional art career inspired by the many horse and art activities in the area. She is now back in Mo, just outside of Columbia. She recently co-founded the Mid Mo Natural Horsemanship Club
( and is also helping others solve problems with their horses and promoting the growth of Natural Horsemanship.
Melanie Stoltz Brown Snortin' Horse Studio and Farm:

Melanie's art available as Fine Art Lampshades from*/ LifeShade/* *Natural Horsemanship .*... creating a loving partnership with your horse to increase responsiveness and performance.

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