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Low Price Scanning and Giclee Printing Service

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Your Source for Affordable Giclee Art Prints! Scroll Down For Pricing Information!
Like many areas of the fine-art world, some mystery has been attached (either by accident or intent) to the term "Giclee”. While the Giclee process is an art in itself, it need not be mysterious. Pronounced "jhee-clay", the French word translates roughly in English to "spraying of ink". Giclee prints are digital copies of original artwork, made using very high resolution digital files or scans and high-end specialized archival quality / photo-quality 7-color
ink-jet printers that DO NOT use dot screens or line grid style printing. Done well on canvas, watercolor papers
or other archival art quality papers, Giclee prints are hard to distinguish from the original artwork.
Good candidates for this type of print are oil, acrylic, watercolor, pastel, pen & ink, pencil, charcoal, photographic and graphic processes.

Giclee prints are well accepted in museums and galleries throughout the world. Some examples of the quality establishments accepting Giclee prints for exhibition are:
• The Louvre Museum • The British Museum • The National Art Museum • The New York Metropolitan Museum
• San Francisco Museum of Art • The Washington Post Collection

Visit the Main Street
Resource Library for additional information and illustrated documentation on giclee prints.

MANY COPY SHOPS AND OFFICE STORES OFFER WHAT THEY ARE "CALLING" GICLEE ART PRINTS!These are usually just color copies on billboard canvas or low quality non-archival paper stock using a standard water based or "aqueous" inkjet process. Insist on archival media in both ink (Ultrachrome) and paper! If they won't "certify" their prints and offer you a certificate of authenticity - they are not authentic giclee prints!

OptiMax uses only archival 7 to 12 color "ultrachrome" ink processes and archival paper media! We use a large format flatbed scanner to protect your originals - not like the shops that require artists to remove their work from stretcher bars and then scan using a drum scanner that has clips, clamps and tapes that may damage the surface of the original work putting it around the drum surface! A "drum" is exactly what it sounds like and requires the original artwork to bend in an arch to fit around the drum, which may also damage delicate art mediums.

Giclee art prints are a highly collectible, established medium in the fine-art community and have a life expectancy that is in some cases longer than the original artwork, which why they are commonly referred to as "archival quality". Life expectancy for a well made Giclee print can be over 100 years according to the rating published by the Wilhelm Imaging Research studies measuring lightfast ratings. All prints are accompanied by a certification of authenticity which identifies the print as an authentic archival-quality giclee print. These are provided FREE with every print ordered.

Editioningmeans creating several high quality copies of the original art, then offering the copies to collectors in a numbered series. Several factors can drive the decision to edition an original work: economic factors, the desire to maintain ownership of the original, offering alternative sizes, etc.

References Upon Request OptiMax has provided quality scanning services and giclee prints to many accomplished artists. We do not give out contact information unless given permission to do so. Samples of artwork by artists served by OptiMax and artist contacts can be found on our gallery site:

Main Street Missouri Artist Gallery
Pick Up and Delivery Available! Scroll to bottom of page for more details.

If you order scanning for more than one original artwork at a time,
you receive an automatic 10% discount!
Scans are priced on an "up to" basis. Sizes that fall in between stated sizes are priced at the next size larger.

Scanning Price List:
Up to 8 x 10: $28.00
Up to 9 x 12: $38.00
Up to 11 x 14: $48.00
Up to 14 x 18: $58.00
Up to 16 x 20: $68.00
Up to 18 x 24: $78.00
Up to 20 x 26: $90.00
Up to 22 x 28: $98.00
Up to 24 x 30: $115.00
Up to 28 x 36: $130.00
Up to 30 x 40: $150.00

Larger Scans and prints: Call for a consultation on larger sizes and prices.
CD with images included with scanning cost. CD includes print-ready file and low resolution internet-ready file.

Digital Files: When presenting digital files for giclee prints, please make sure they meet the following requirements: 300 dpi or better, Scaled to actual output size required, "Tif" (or "tiff" on some systems), "PDF", "JPG" saved at maximum quality, or "EPS" or Photoshop native files (PSD) format only. CD must be a cross platform - not "dos" or "pc" formatted. DVD's are also acceptable. Please provide a sample output for color if available.

Photographic files are also used for giclees and are acceptable. However, remember that the print will only be as good as the photography, so make sure you send clear, crisp photos without glass or lense glare. Please have the work photographed out of frames and without glass or plexiglass over the surface.

Images can be retouched. Please see "Graphic Design"
for examples and information.


Giclee Printing
Archival Canvas
Up to 8 x 10: $24.00
Up to 11 x 14: $38.00
Up to 16 x 20: $48.00
Up to 18 x 24: $60.00
Up to 20 x 26: $72.00
Up to 22 x 28: $79.00
NEW! Up to 24 x 30: $85.00
NEW! Up to 26 x 34: $95.00
NEW! Up to 28 x 36: $105.00
NEW! Up to 30 x 40: $125.00
Archival Watercolor
up to 8 x 10: $22.00
up to 11 x 14: $34.00
up to 16 x 20: $44.00
up to 18 x 24: $56.00
up to 20 x 26: $68.00
NEW! up to 24 x 30: $78.00
NEW! Up to 26 x 34: $84.00
NEW! Up to 28 x 36: $102.00
NEW! Up to 30 x 40: $120.00
Archival Enhanced Matte Coated or Photo Gloss
up to 8 x 10: $20.00
up to 11 x 14: $32.00
up to 16 x 20: $42.00
up to 18 x 24: $52.00
up to 20 x 26: $62.00
NEW! up to 24 x 30: $72.00
NEW! Up to 26 x 34: $82.00
NEW! Up to 28 x 36: $100.00
NEW! Up to 30 x 40: $115.00

Other sizes: By Bid.
UV Coated and Sealed. Can be embellished.

Other sizes: By Bid.
UV Coated and Sealed. Can be embellished.

Other sizes: By Bid.
UV Coated and Sealed. Can be embellished.

Proofs and Color-calibration Digital Files on CD included (High resolution file master and low resolution Internet Ready file). CDs are cross platform, however, High Resolution file will be a MAC .tiff file
unless otherwise requested. (Industry standard print-ready file).

NOTE: Special Sale Prices will differ from those below.
To be added to mailing list for sale notification, please email your address to:

If you order 4 giclee prints of the same image at a time (REPRINTS),
you receive an automatic 10% discount!

Prints are priced on an "Up To" basis. Any print falling in between
these stated sizes are priced at the next larger size.
Print Embellishment
up to 8 x 10: $20.00
up to 11 x 14: $25.00
up to 16 x 20: $35.00
up to 18 x 24: $45.00
up to 20 x 26: $55.00
up to 24 x 30: $65.00
Over these sizes:
by Bid

Print Embellishment
Prints embellished to add back in brush strokes and texture to appear more like an original. Many recognized and renowned artists embellished their prints to offer a more authentic representation of their artwork. This is especially useful when the artists' original work is highly textured. A medium manufactured by Grumbacher is used. Brush strokes are carefully matched to the original.
For small samples of this technique, please e-mail request to: Please specify paper preference. These prices are additional charges. Scanning and printing priced separately.

All OptiMax Design LC
produced prints include a certification that the print is
an authentic museum quality
giclee print that is certified (materials) by the Wilhelm Research Institute with a lightfastness life of
over 100 years!


Stretcher Mounting
Canvas Prints Only! 5/8" x 1-1/4 wood stretcher bars.
"Up to" sizes, example:
16" x 22" would be priced
at the 18" x 24" pricing.

8" x 10" $14.00
11" x 14" $16.50
16" x 20" $20.00
18" x 24" $26.00
20" x 26" $32.00
by bid

Thicker stretcher bars than 5/8" by bid and subject to availability from suppliers.

Stretched canvas orders may take longer for delivery.

Other papers available. Call or email for current in stock list and for special papers.

Typeset Additions
Typeset titles and editioning can be requested. These are set up at the time the proof is prepared for output.
Type styles will be emailed for selection. If no email is available, the selection will be mailed US Postal.
Job will be on hold until selection has been made and verified.Font listing upon request!
We will gladly email you samples of our available type styles and sample layouts!

line up to 50 Characters…$15.00
Each additional line up to 50 Characters…$10.00

Giclee Policies:
1. These Notes & Terms are notice of your rights and those of OptiMax Design

2. 15% charged per month for overdue - there will be no exceptions (past is due 10 consecutive days including holidays and weekends.)

3. Legal & court fees will be charged to the client if delinquency results in legal action of any kind.

4. Work performed is not considered “work for hire” unless determined in advance and is stated in writing by contract and signed by both parties.

5. OptiMax retains the right to liquidate any work left without payment over 30 days or work refused in any way after sign-off, to recapture cost of materials used. Methods to do so will be at OptiMax Design LCs discretion and customer will not have determination over methods used to liquidate these items.

6. OptiMax will retain a digital copy of scans and giclee artwork forever in archive. At no time will OptiMax Design LC liquidate their archive, even if the business itself is terminated. OptiMax will be obligated to inform scanning and giclee customers if business moves or where these archives reside. OptiMax Design LC will not be liable however for loss due to catastrophic occurrence or disk failure. Customer is given a copy of work and is expected to protect their archive.

7. Minimum 2 print order on first printing of any scanned or digital file image. After initial quantity of 2, orders of "one-at-a-time" accepted.

8. OptiMax does not © artwork scanned. Original artist maintains © on all original artwork. Prints are made by permission of the artist who has signed off on proof to make prints. No prints are made without a signature and “okay to print” on proof.

9. Digital scans of artwork will be retained in archive indefinitely. A CD will be given to the originating artists with a high resolution print file and a low resolution internet file of the scan. Any additional CDs cut for any purpose will incur a minimal charge for time and materials.

For a copy of copyright law for artists, click here!

10. Minimum of 1/2 hour charged for retrieval of archived files on all projects that are over 30 days old for change, or duplication on CD for other projects. Archival charge does not apply to digital scans for giclee printing. Graphic project files apply.

Proofs & Print Scheduling:
Proofs included in pricing above. Artist signature on proofs required before Giclee prints are printed as an approval of color balance. Turn-around time for proofs is 5 to 7 days. Giclée print turn-around time is an additional 5 to 7 days. Digital files will be charged a $18.00 proofing and color balancing fee.

Minimum Giclee Printing Order Info:
Minimum initial order of each print is 2. Quantity discounts available for over 4 prints. Re-orders can be ordered one at a time once the digital image is on file with OptiMax Design as the color balance calibration is saved with our copy of the digital file. Re-orders can be made by phone, fax or email, however, re-orders shipped only upon receipt of payment in full.
Payment Due Upon Delivery! No exceptions. Orders not held over 30 days. (Any order not picked up or deliverable within 30 days will be sold to the public to recoup production costs.)

Pick up and Delivery / Shipping:
FREE pick up and delivery within 75 miles
(St. Louis area included) Framed or unframed acceptable. Originals can be shipped framed or unframed. Make sure to securely cushion frames and glass material when shipping. OptiMax will unframe, scan and replace into frame for no charge. Glass and mat material will be cleaned and dust covers replaced at no charge. Upon proof approval the original will be re-packed in original shipping material and sent back to the artist along with the prints at a charge of $20 for shipping. Any additional costs in re-shipping back to the artist will be absorbed by OptiMax and no further amounts will be charged unless otherwise notified in advance of service. Payment required before scanning operation is performed.
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We will get back to you with a quote or an answer.
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Samples are available upon request!

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