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Artist Resources:


Copyright Laws for Artists and Artwork

Know what "Work for Hire" means and avoid "giving away" your rights to the work you've created! Easy to read and understand explaination of the laws.

The Digital Misllenium Copyright Act of 1998
New international treaty laws to protect online and other digital information and design.

Interaction with Galleries
What to know when you approach Galleries to display and sell your artwok creations.

Giclee Printing Technology:
Find out how this technology is aiding artists in gaining more income from their work and what this technology is.

Matting Artwork:
Learn the tricks to properly matt a work of art without incurring future damage to the artwork you are matting.

Solar Radiation and Effects on Artwork:
Find out how to protect your work from the effects of Solar Radiation. What types of mediums are effected.

Creating Shadow Box Displays:
How to construct a shadowbox to display artwork.


Sketchup by Google: A free 3D creation program with tons of cool resources to build your own 3D worlds. Extensive libraries of free ready made illustrations that you can use or add to.

Free version of Compositor: A program similar to Photoshop. This one can work with older Macs, but there seems to be a windows version also.
Earth Friendly Energy Resources:


The Truth About the New Lightbulb Technology!

Use Renewable Solar Energy

Use Renewable Wind Energy

Make a Wind Powered Generator

Make a Wind Turbine for Renewable Energy

What are Green Energy Resources?

Business Resources:
Complete web hosting packages at very low rates. Packages include shopping carts, search engine submission and many other valuable features not found in other site hosting services. Service used for this site!

Earth Friendly Promotions: Publish your catalog or marketing information on CD! Our services can help you market your business or product in an earthfriendly way.

Mals Ecommerce


Basic Wire Jewelry Tools and Techniques:
Learn what tools to use and how to use them. Learn the basic materials and the basic techniques used to create wire sculpted / wire wrapped jewelry. Price: $38.00 Click above link for more information and ordering.

Self Defense Videos:
Learn from the masters! Techniques you can use to defend your self when under attack. A wide variety for any level that can be used by any adult or child. Prices vary.


Best of Missouri Hands / Missouri Artisans Association

Art Business Magazine

"Zapplication" online Art Show Applications

Art Fair Listings

These are games for your amusement that have been sent to me. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have! Sometimes you just have to take the time to have some fun! Warning: some of these are addictive!!
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