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Please send inquiries to: mmackris2002@yahoo.com
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Marilyn Mackris, a lifelong lover of the arts, began painting with passion when she discovered Chinese Brush Painting. The aesthetics and traditions, the worldview and history, inspired her to study with Chinese artist Dongfeng Li in St.Louis. Using only authentic materials - brushes, ink, paper and pigments - Marilyn practiced the disciplines of calligraphy and the meticulous strokes of the classic style. After a trip to China and the study of many books on Chinese painting, she began to experiment with the more spontaneous Ling-nan school of painting, enjoying the dynamic brushwork and splashing ink techniques. Today, Marilyn's studio is filled with examples of both artistic styles and her freedom of expression embraces both ancient and modern work - sometimes in the same painting!
Second only to Chinese painting, Marilyn loves working with pastels. The above photo shows her standing by her featured wall of pastels at The Creative Art Gallery, St.Louis MO. Pastel painting is very different from other forms of painting because no brush is used. Artists use different techniques, but Marilyn uses sanded paper and very soft pastels to load the support and drench it in strong colors. Tropical skies, seas and flowers are chosen subjects because they present the opportunity for dramatic sweeps of pigment in strong contrast to darks. The sanded surface offers a range of textures and allows for color nuances as well. Each of her pastel paintings is a vivid expression of her spirit, engaging the eye and emotions in a remarkable experience of light and color. Each one invites you to enter a sensual world of rich color, shapes and textures that excite the imagination and stirs the soul.

Recently Marilyn was written about in a publication. The following are excerpts from that article:
"A diagnosis of multiple schlerosis can certainly be a life-changing event. Marilyn Mackris, diagnosed in 1982, has never been stopped by her MS and has even found an unexpected career.
'I am not defined by my disability, and neither am I destined to its limitations' Mackris said. 'Experiencing MS as well as other difficult life circumstances, has just forced me to find alternatives to provide meaning in my life. Boredom is my enemy!'…
'It is our choice to see and embrace opportunities and feel the joy of being alive, despite the circumstances we would not have chosen,' Mackris said. 'live your life with acceptance and joy!'"

Marilyn's attitude is an inspiration to all that meet her!
You can request a copy of the full article of see more of Marilyn's work on her website: www.marilynmackrisart.com

Artwork by Artist…Page: 123

Please send inquiries to:mmackris2002@yahoo.com

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