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Russell Irwin is a nationally celebrated artist who brings to his work a great love for the human story. His paintings reveal athe skill and ingenuity of a world class artist and the captivating visual narratives of a master story teller. His "story portraits" depicting the defining moments of great sporting events and the classic images of famous athletes at their craft have raised nearly $2,000,000 for charitable organizations nationwide.
Irwin's signature paper mosaic style utilizes many layers of torn paper accented with acrylic paints for a rich, colorful, mosaic-like appearance. This unmistakable invention of the artist provides for his conveyance of multiple layers of information in highly organized yet fluidly textural works of art.
American Artist Magazine (June 2000) describes Irwin as a "kind of artistic archeologist" and his technique as one that "conveys an impression that we are rediscovering a history." As it further states "none of this would work as well without strong draftsmanship, a gifted sense of design, and an uncanny feel for the decorative possibilities of color.
Russell Irwin's clients include the St. Louis Cardinals, Bellerieve Country Club/PGA, The Dallas Cowboys, the NFL and SSM Health Systems.
Although we are able to feature many of Irwin's most popular paintings, he has many more available. To see more of Russell Irwin's amazing works of art, you can also visit him on his own netsites: There you can see his latest works in progress.

Sports Art
"3 x 100 x 30"…

There are many impressive statistical feats among the remarkable accomplishments of the 2004 St. Louis Cardinals. Their National League Championship season was powered by the first threesome in the Cardinal history to each produce at least thirty home runs and at least 100 RBI's - Albert Pujols, Scott Rolen and Jim Edmonds.
Russell Irwin's painting, "3 x 100 x 30" depicts this great achievement as symbolic of the teams 2004 success.

"Among the Elite"…

With their victory over the Carolina Panthers in Superbowl XXXVIII, the new England Patriots rounded out an elite group of ten NFL teams to have won multiple SuperBowl titles. This painting tells the story of the dramatic shoot-out that came down to a game ending field goal and another championship for the team that is making the term "team effort" its own organizational signature!

Created in Russel's trademark Mosaic painting style, this work is the natural companion "story portrait" to Russell's work "America's Super Bowl", the story of Super Bowl XXXVI and the Patriots Victory over the St. Louis Rams.

The painting stands six feet tall and is four feet wide. It was auctioned for $21,000 by the NFL at the latest SuperBowl to raise money to benefit Tsunami relief efforts.

"This… is Football!" …
Originally done as a study of a segment of Russell's painting, "Among the Elite". "This painting expresses what I love the most about the game of football", says the artist, "grit, grizzle, and the tension of the moment just before 'hike'!"

Vanishing Moments…

America's Super Bowl
America's SuperBowl captures the patriotism of the pre-game and halftime ceremonies as well as the dram and big moments of Super Bowl XXXVI.


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Masada Dove,

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