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The artists shown in this gallery are independant working artists. Inquiries should be directed to the artist and not OptiMax Design, unless no other contact information is given.

Watercolor Paintings by Virginia Houk / OranaDesign

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My formal education in the arts include engraving, etching, painting, printmaking and graphic design, which became a natural foundation to develop my abilities in the art of scrimshaw. Moving from California to Maui, Hawaii in 1978, I began my career as a Scrimshaw artist, producing finished works on ancient ivory.
Scrimshaw is the art of engraving on ivory, using a scribe to create the design and rubbing oil pigment into thousands of incised lines. The technique is defined by accuracy and detail, as I strive to reveal an unparalleled realism in my images. I am fascinated by the means this is achieved with convincing accuracy by following the form with incised lines. As I become familiar with my subjects; the individual characteristics, essence and personality become evident in the final image. The ivory used is fossil walrus and mammoth, which has been buried and preserved beneath the permafrost for thousands of years, imbued with colors of minerals within the earth. The process of excavating ivory in areas of ancient encampments, is performed by modern-day Eskimos, during a few months of the year when the permafrost melting will allow this. These actions not only support indigenousEskimo livelyhood, but also have no impact to infringe on rights of ivory-bearing endangered species. Alternate ivory used are Tagua nuts, from ivory palms and antique piano keys.My style developed to become the first on Maui to use full color in major compositions on large walrus artifact ivory pieces, as well as leading the way depicting species never before represented in the medium. My work became established in this world center for scrimshaw; also featured in publications, magazines and purchased by collectors and well-known celebrities.

Living in a tropical environment, the beautiful landscapes and exotic flora of Hawaii inspired me to explore watercolor media. The dancing effects of sunlight on the ocean and dramatic light and shadow are a visual treat in the tropical environment. The transparent quality of watercolors lend themselves perfectly to these images.

My interest in the challenge of new mediums continues to grow and I enjoy exploring and experimenting with creative processes and working where two disciplines meet, like the engraving / oil painting process of scrimshaw and wire sculpture jewelry design. As a multi-medium artist, continuing the larger scrimshaw work, I also work with hand cut stones, dichroic and antique depression glass in wire sculpture jewelry artistry and design.

New Mexico is now home; an environment rich in stunning natural beauty and continues
to be an inspiration for my work.

Monarch and Viceroy,

Wishing Bridge, Liliuokalani Park, Hilo

Haiku Waterlilies V,

Haiku Waterlilies II,

Pua Kenikeni,


Yellow Cattleyas,

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