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There is an easier, less expensive way!
We are in an age where just about everything has become accessible through digital information. "Digital" has become the most reliable and expedient way to communicate, present and to sell! Fine Art Services (Formerly OptiMax Design LC) is one of the oldest companies with the skills to bring your print material into the digital world.

The reasons why your company will want to consider digital format:

• Presentations on disk save an average of 68% over printed documents!
• The US Postal Service charges just cents to mail a CD. Catalogs can cost $$$$s to mail!
• The cost of printing material is remarkably higher than the cost of constructing and "burning" a CD.
• Unlike your printed material, if something changes you aren't stuck with a boatload of items you have to sticker or toss out!
• Best of all: You can use your existing printed material to create the digital version without having to spend the time and money to start from scratch!

And…You will be doing the planet a favor by saving the waste involved with printed material!

Contact Fine Art Services by D.C. Smith today for a quote on how much you could save with an Earth-Freindly Promotion!


• Most retailers and the majority of consumers are now fairly fluent in basic computer operation and prefer digital information over printed material.
• The information is more accessible to your clients because it's something they can place on their desktop and refer to whenever they have the need!
• CDs take up less space in an office than stacks of catalogs - You help keep your clients' workspace uncluttered! • You can burn a CD whenever you
need it on most computers. Once you have a master disk constructed, you "print" them as you need them! You can even "self-print" your labels once
you have the master layout constructed!

Innovative ways to put your company ahead of the competition and save you money on the way! In this age of technology, we are finding new ways to put your information in front of your clients. Like moving away from expensive printing costs to "all digital" means of delivering catalog and promotional materials.

Complete with simple to follow instructions
for use and navigation - complete "Help" sections! Even your most "hard to please" customers will be impressed with your innovation and the convenience of your new material!
Samples are available!
Please email a sample request at the address below!

For more information about what Earth Friendly Promotions can do for your business, contact us with your questions and ideas! We will be happy to help you. Please email your questions or graphic design needs ( We will get back to you with a quote or an answer. Or Call: 352-753-5906 and talk to us about your graphic needs.

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