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Denise Smith is a Designer, Fine Artist and Instructor who started her graphic design career in 1977 and has since held the position of Art Director, Graphics Director, and Senior Designer for a number of large corporations in and around St. Louis, Missouri. She was one of the first Graphic Designers in the mid west to "go digital" with commercial printing files and was a beta tester for early versions of Photoshop as well as QuarkImmedia.

Since 1993, Denise has operated her own business, OptiMax Design LC, which has provided countless printed and digital catalogs, brochures, advertising and digital presentations to a wide variety of manufacturers, small companies and corporations. Her specialty is in digital catalogs, web site development & construction and digital photo manipulation. The designs provided are not "boiler plated" designs, but are completely original designs created specifically for the clients to fit their desired company image and unique needs.

Fine Art Services by D.C. Smith is the leader in low priced giclee printing production from original artwork in the St. Louis area and across the United States. We don't stop with the scanning process - we strive to match each and every color in the original painting and make the print as close as possible to the original artwork! You can see a gallery of clients in the MainStreet Missouri Artist Gallery!

MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT…This year (2011), OptiMax Design LC was sold to Remington's of Historic Old St. Charles in Missouri. The new owner, Susan Berthold is working hard to uphold the excellent reputation of OptiMax for providing the best in Large Format Scanning and Archival Giclee Printing.
Graphic Services are now being provided under the name: Fine Art Services by D.C. Smith and is located in the state of Florida doing business nationwide.

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and MORE!

Affordable Custom Catalog Design
for Small to Mid-sized Businesses.
Everything from Illustrated Parts Catalogs and Assembly Instruction Booklets, to Product Catalogs … Fine Art SErvices by D. C. Smith has designed and printed over 200 catalogs and booklets for many manufacturers and companies.

Literature that Helps Your Business Grow!
Corporate and Company Literature that convey the very best image
of why your business is miles ahead of the pack! A visual representation
of the very best your company or product has to

offer customers and clients!

Tell your products' tale in a way that
becomes a "must read" in
your industry!

Design for Newspaper, Magazine, Internet, …
All types of advertising media!
We will show you how to reach more customers with every dollar you spend to help you build your business into a thriving, vital enterprise!
OptiMax has created and placed advertising in publications around the world on 4 continents and in 7 languages! We will show you how to make your marketing efforts count!

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Earth Friendly Promotions provides innovative ways to put your company ahead of the competition and save you money on the way!
In this age of technology, we are finding new ways to put your information in front of potential clients. Like moving away from expensive printing costs to "all digital" means of delivering catalog and promotional materials.

• Digital tutorials
•Technical Manuals
• Wholesale & Retail Products
• Personal & Business Interactive Photo Archives
• Document Scanning to Archive Services
• Digital Design and Web Site Design
• Web Site Construction and Administration
• Web Site Hosting on
and much more!

Digital Design and Catalog Production …
Complete with simple to follow instructions
for use and navigation! Completely original, professional
digital document design and layout that will give your business
the polished image to better compete in the digital age!
Even your most "hard to please" customers will be
impressed with your innovation!
We provide the CD Mastering and you can then
produce the CDs as you need them…
saving you the investment in printing large quantities of your catalog
and the headache of having to store them!
Photo Retouching and Compositing!
OptiMax is one of the best with photo improvement and in blending photographs into seamless composits. D.C. Smith calls this "painting with photos". The example on the right
is a blended composite of 12 different photographs that is the base for a two fold company literature piece.
We can make things appear or disappear in your photo with our state of the art digital tools and expertise!

We can also take any photographic material and turn it
into a completely original piece of artwork in a variety
of artistic mediums such as oil or watercolor in traditional
artistic techniques. We are experts at creating digital art from
your photographs!

OptiMax Design LC was sold in 2011 to Remington's in Historic Old St. Charles, MO. To see the work by OptiMax Clients, visit the MainStreet Missouri Artist Gallery: CLICK HERE!
For more information about what Fine Art Services by D.C. Smith can do for your business, contact us with your questions and ideas! We will be happy to help you. Please email your questions or graphic design needs. We will get back to you with a quote or an answer. Or Call and talk to us about your graphic needs.
Samples are available upon request!
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