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Simple Site Package$400

• Up to 8 pages with a maximum of 10 products per page. (Photography not included)
• Custom page design and graphics. Designed to compliment your product and company
• Unlimited links and contact forms.
• Shopping Cart construction and hook-up.
• Store plaque signage on MainStreet home page.
• Marketing material layouts such as business cards, postcards, and email bases that can be printed on an "as needed" basis from any computer platform.
• Credit Card Processing (at 6.4%) No need to contract a service on your own.
• Low monthly rental rates: $18.00 per month hosting fee.

This package allows you to have a total site built around your products with a completely unique professionally designed layout throughout.

OptiMax Design LC has been providing web design since 1995 and has built sites for many different industries from sports equipment manufacturers to the MainStreet-Missouri site. We have invested in thousands of dollars worth of high quality resources to make your site a jewel in the sea of mediocre sites existing on the internet these days.

We provide you with important marketing resources that are missing from most of the other hosting programs you will find. Marketing is what gives you the edge in bringing your customers in to buy your products. Without that, your site can be wonderful, but people won't know you exist! OptiMax does much of that for you, but encourages you to do a lot of it yourself and shows you how.

We submit the MainStreet-Missouri site continuously to bring us to the top of most search engines. This saves you countless hours of having to learn of and to fill out multitudes of submission forms on a monthly basis! Our "keyword" meta-tag is constructed to grab as much of the targeted traffic as possible. We submit to important search engines such as Yahoo, Google, AOL and thousands of others!

Our site is optimized with the best tools on the market and we have worked hard so that the site loads within the best standards for audience viewing.

All this makes the packages OptiMax Design offers a much better deal than you can find with other companies. We make personal contact our number one priority. Your satisfaction is our main goal.

Terms and Conditions for this Package: Please make sure to save a copy of this document for your record.

• All conditions stated on the main entry page of the Real Estate Office apply. These may be additional to those stated below. Please go back and read those before continuing!

• You must provide a valid credit card # and information to order this package for initial and monthly fees. This information will be aquired from you upon your set up phone call. You must notify OptiMax Design LC if this information changes in any way.

• You will be provided prompt notification of your order and are required to email a verification receipt to your customer upon receipt of order. Filling the order, shipping and shipping notifications are your responsibility. You must ship your order within 7 days of order and provide your customer with any tracking or shipping information.

OptiMax Design LC will keep your order record on file for 30 days. You are encouraged to keep a record of your own of all documentation regarding your sales and your customer information. If Optimax Design LC is processing your credit card orders, all information EXCEPT the credit card numbers used for purchase will be promptly forwarded to you. A receipt notification will be sent in that case within minutes to your purchasing customer that the order has been received and is being processed.

OptiMax Design LC does not keep credit card payment records online for your protection and the protection of your customers. They reside in an off-line secure network.

• You will be providing photographic material for your products.
Your photos must follow the following formating requirements: No larger than 4" x 4" at 150dpi. No objectionable material will be accepted. All photographic material must be viewable for all audiences. This is a family orientated site! Up to 80 images can be submitted for this package. Each additional product photo will be charged: $15.00. You can email your photos in small folders (no more than 10 at a time) or send them on disk. Our mailing address is: OptiMax Design LC, 414 Walnut Street, Union, MO 63084. Please make a note of this address. If you are unable to process your photographs to meet these requirements, please call for instructions (636-584-0442). An additional charge will apply if we size the images for you.

• This is a 1 year non-cancelable contract. You will be charged an additional $25.00 for non-sufficient funds and your pages will be removed upon non-payment for 30 days from your payment date. Non-payment will not void your contract with, and the remainder of yearly fees will still apply.

• You will be sent up to 3 layout designs to choose from. We can combine any elements you like from any of the 3 layouts. Your input is required for adequate page design to suit your needs and desires.

• You are not required to market your site, but we strongly urge you to do so as your success will take a certain amount of effort on your part. This is YOUR business! We promise to provide you with site-specific materials for you to use for your promotional efforts, but makes no requirement that you use them.

• You must obey and are required to comply with all Federal and State laws. You may conduct NO illegal activities in relation to this site. Doing so will NOT void your contract, but will result in your removal. All remaining fees to this site will continue to apply and will be charged upon removal in one lump sum.

• OptiMax Design LC and will not assume any liability for any issue pertaining to your business and makes no promise of your successful endeavor. As with any business, your success is entirely dependant on your efforts to succeed. We simply offer the tools for you to promote your product or service in a professional manner.

• Theft of material or copyright violation is strictly prohibited.

• "Spam" type of communication is strictly prohibited. You must include the following message on any email you send out to promote your pages on this site: "To be removed from our mailing list, please type the word "remove" into the subject bar and return this message to me. My appologies for any inconvenience." Upon remove response, you must remove that individuals email address from your mailing list.

• You may not post any faulty, incorrect or fraudulent information in any of your pages or communications that are in any way linked to this site or that involve this site. Doing so will result in your pages removed from this site. All information must be an honest representation to your best ability.

If selling one-of-kind products, upon sale you must notify OptiMax Design to remove your sold items immediately. You can replace those one-of-kind products once each at no cost. Successive replacements will incur a charge of $5.00 per item. You must send the image for replacement immediately. OptiMax will not make record or keep track of that type of product and it will be your responsibility to track and replace them.

• Any dispute pertaining to your products is your responsiblity to litigate or negotiate. OptiMax Design LC will not act as agent or mediator in any sale dispute. You must promptly offer remedy to any customer dispute for your sales, be it return, replacement or refund. Your customer satisfaction must be your number one concern.

• You must allow up to 30 days for your pages to be uploaded to the site after ordering this package. Every effort will be made to design and construct your pages and upload them to the internet as quickly as possible, depending on complexity and your cooperation and communication.

• Package page count is for 8 pages with up to 10 images per page. Additional pages will be charged $25.00. Additional images/products for any page will be $10.00 each.

• OptiMax Design reserves the right to change, alter or add to these terms and conditions without notification, although we will make every effort to keep you informed of any changes or alterations.


1. Download the file and open in Adobe Acrobat Reader program. You can obtain a FREE copy of that program by going to for just about any operating system. These days, most computers ship with this program, so you might already have it on your computer. You can also request the HTML version for download. Please download as "complete HTML".

2. Fill in form fields as completely as you can.

3. Sign and date the form. Print the file to send by mail or save the file out of a program that you can send via email. (You may have to print and scan the file to do so.)

4. E-mail the file to: or Send the file to: OptiMax Design LC, 414 Walnut Street, Union, MO 63084



City: State: Zip Code:

Phone: Best time of day to reach you:

E-mail: I am 18 years of age or older:

Business Description:

I have read, understand and agree to the above Terms and Conditions
I understand that this is a 1 year binding contract: (check for yes)
I understand that the monthly amount of $18.00 will be automatically debited from the credit card account # I will provide. (check for yes)
I would like to have you provide the shopping cart credit card processing: (check for yes - or leave unchecked for no)
If last box is checked:
I understand that if OptiMax Design LC processes my credit card orders, I will be charged 6.4% of the order total.
I will be providing my own credit card processing: (check for yes - or leave unchecked for no)
I understand that the first charge to my account will be for: $400.00 (Design & Construction Charge) + $18.00 first month hosting (+additional charges for additional images or pages).
By checking the following box I authorize that charge to my credit card account:
Your payment will be processed on the same day in the month that you submitted this contract. (Example: if you submit this contract on June 1, your payments will be processes on the 1st of each month etc.)

Signature: (You can digitally sign this document.)
Thank you for choosing OptiMax Design LC for your product hosting solution!

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